Welcome to my world

16387076_711492745696934_4547646611648564917_nI have always wanted to have a place to express myself. About 10 years ago, I had my first Chinese Blog, I started to record some of my thoughts and post articals on it.

But I feel that there is a lack of something, that is the feeling of being the host of your very own website. And finally, I made it. It took me 2 days to learn HTML and CSS from the very start. It will always amazes you how fast you could pick up a new knowledge if you are intrested in it. So here it is, a github.io page of my own.

I could have built a blog system whithin this github.io, however, I thought maybe it is not so neccessary as long as I could express myself. Well, I have to admit that building a perfect blog system with tagging function, etc, is indeed quite challenging for me.  And hey, WordPress is a great tool. I tried to make here as simple as possible.

Hope you will enjoy visiting either my site or my blog. Thanks!


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